Date Night Planning Service

Central Coast of California


To Keep the Spark Alive.

Project XO (PXO) designs, plans, and organizes for your special occasion.
We create an exclusive and unique experience to any date night.


PXO Signature Dates

Project XO gives couples an option to pick from curated packaged dates or completely customize their own. PXO ensures that each date night is carefully organized to embody each couple’s personalized desires.

PXO at Home

Want to stay at home and not go through all the hassle of going out? Project XO considers the alternative by elevating and creating a date night right from the comfort of your own home while still designing something new.


PXO Surprise Date

Love being surprised? Let Project XO switch things up and amaze you BOTH for the evening with a spontaneous and personalized experience that will leave you both excited and surprised for this special date.


How it works…

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Step one

Select your date service.

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Step two

Contact us to plan.

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Step three

Within 24 hours PXO will get in touch.


Random Acts of love

PXO loves helping you add a little extra sparkle to someone’s day. So keep the good feelings going and step beyond the standard date and plug-in these acts of love to any date night option above to show that person you are truly thinking of them.

Click to see a full list of our Random Acts of Love.


Meet Your
Date Night Planner

Hannah Lique Naitove

Hi! I’m Hannah, your date night expert. Have you ever dreamed of providing a unique and extraordinary date for your special someone? I know I have! As your date night planner, I take the average date and elevate it to that next level to create an unforgettable experience for you.

Since moving to the Central Coast, I can truly say I have fallen in love with everything this area has to offer. It has inspired me to create Project XO and take my corporate planning background in a new direction. With years of experience in creating relationships, organizing vendors and being detail-oriented, I am excited to take my skills and help couples brainstorm ideas, plan, and create their next exclusive date - while making sure it is fun, romantic, and effortless.